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Episode 216: Effortless Launching with Tracy Campoli

I’ve got another case study for you today, and this time it’s with my friend and Inner Circle member, Tracy Campoli! We’re going to dive into Tracy’s recent launch which not only was her biggest one to date, but it was also her easiest. Intrigued to learn how she did it? It’s all here in this episode of The Mind of Your Business Podcast!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • How Tracy and I first connected (in her words)…

  • The “a-ha” moment when she realized that launching didn’t have to be stressful

  • Her approach to setting goals and the process she used for her launch

  • What lessons Tracy learned from her “easy” launch

  • Her pricing philosophy for selling a $997 product in the online fitness space 

  • What’s next for Tracy in 2019 and her word for the year

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