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Episode 237: Who Do You Hire FIRST? #BizTipFriday

For this #BizTipFriday episode, I have a very special guest with me. Jilly Cedeño is my #2 at Team Wedmore, or as she says, my “sidekick”, and she’s going to help us answer a question we get all the time. Who do you hire first?

You’re not only going to hear why this is the wrong question to be asking, but we’ll also be sharing what the right one to ask is, and then answering this important question for you!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • The way that Jilly joined our team and what her main role in the company is now

  • What can happen when you don’t have someone in this role for your business

  • What is an “A-Player” and some of the characteristics this person will possess

  • Examples of how Jilly took the initiative when she first joined the team

  • How to be resourceful and results-driven

  • The way most entrepreneurs hire first and why it’s wrong


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