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Episode 252: The MOST Inspiring Case Study GUARANTEED with Tara Walsh

I couldn’t think of a better title for this episode, and I know it’s a bold claim, but this case study with Tara Walsh is the most inspiring case study we’ve featured here on the podcast!

Tara Walsh is “ The Lashpreneur,” and she’s one of our extraordinary Business By Design students. She opens up in a real and authentic way today about how she took her struggling membership that was generating $2,000 a month, and in just one year, now has a thriving membership generating $30,000 of recurring revenue – each month!  

This is a story of real life and how a wife and mother navigates it, while not letting anything stop her along the way.  

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Tara was going to shut down her membership, and what ultimately kept her going

  • How this last year has been on of the most challenging of her entire life

  • What having a successful membership with recurring revenue has allowed Tara to do

  • Why she says she can’t stop being an entrepreneur and the way she realized this

  • How Tara discovered who she really is and the lessons she learned by not hitting a big goal she had set

  • The importance of focusing on, and maintaining, your mental health at all times


Tara’s Website & Instagram

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