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Episode 285: Life is a Game…Here’s How You WIN with Kathrin Zenkina

Life really is a game, and my guest today is back on the podcast to show how it’s won! Kathrin Zenkina, aka “Manifestation Babe” returns to share the distinction between intuition and ego, how to overcome resistance in order to truly get into alignment, and so much more. We have a fantastic gift for you as well where you’ll get to hear the 12 Universal Laws of the game, which was a presentation by Kathrin to our BBD members! To get this free recording all you have to do is go to

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What your purpose is, and where you’ll find it

  • A question that was asked to Kathrin that made her realize that she wasn’t living for herself

  • Examples of her learning who her higher self is and how she made this realization

  • What concept helped Kathrin become better at manifesting

  • How we can start balancing desire and letting go, plus why we need to

  • The story of her latest launch and why she’s know looking at life as if it is a video game

  • What Kathrin means when she says “your higher self is your ally”


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