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Episode 286: The 2-Part Equation to a Miraculous Life with Hal Elrod

Today I’m speaking with the best-selling author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod, on how to overcome any adversity. As you’ll hear, Hal’s story is an incredible one, and his perspectives and approach to business and life will absolutely change your thinking!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I first resisted The Miracle Morning – and how I was proved wrong by Hal

  • Hal’s journey, starting with the amazing sales success he achieved at a young age and the accident that changed everything for him

  • His strategy for dealing with adversity that you can start using in your life

  • What he believes is getting in the way of feeling good for most people and his what his big mission to elevate consciousness is all about

  • What is driving Hal’s goals and what the purpose of a goal should be

  • His thoughts on the concepts of limitless potential and “gap focus”

  • One of the single greatest lessons that Hal has ever learned…


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