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Episode 287: The 3 Blocked Chakras Keeping You BROKE with Emily Aarons

I’ve got a good one for you today, as returning guest and Inner Circle Mastermind member Emily Aarons is here to talk about the 3 most common chakras that are keeping you BROKE (and what you can do about it)! Plus, as a special gift you can get a free PDF guide to go along with this episode, just by visiting

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What exactly Emily does with all of her clients (and why it’s so powerful)

  • A rundown of the 7 chakras, including the ones that are keeping you stuck

  • What it looks like when someone isn’t speaking their truth

  • Where boundaries come into play and how Emily protects her own energy

  • Why our “gut” and intuition means so much…

  • A simple way that you can open up to creativity, if you’re feeling uninspired

  • What Emily means when she says “the magic is in the integration”

  • A new way to look at fear and how our chakras can be used when we face resistance

  • Two things we ask you do this week as homework that can dramatically change your life and business immediately


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